Canyonlands, USA   Sept. 23 - 6 Oct. 2018

Staging in Las Vegas, this is a 3000 km south-to-north scenic ride across Nevada created for dual-sport and adventure motorcyclists. It primarily uses dirt roads through Nevada’s deserts, sagebrush valleys, and mountain ranges for as far as the eye can see.

Historic saloons and relics from it’s mining history dot the way through rural Nevada for you to relive. Experience the state’s maverick spirit through it’s ghost towns and artifacts, desert sculptures and murals as well as the world’s largest car forest. Catch a glimpse of it’s wildlife as you cross paths with jackrabbits, antelopes and wild mustangs.




  • Rental Bike: Africa Twin standard or DCT

  • Wolfman tank bag-equipped motorcycle

  • Professional guides

  • All lodging and accomodations: camping Hotel/Motel

  • B46 / OAA Tshirt

  • Support truck and spare bike

  • Access and permits to all national parks

From 3250$ USD with your bike
From 4700$ USD with Africa Twin Rental

14 full days

LEVEL: Intermidiate

DÉPARTURE Staging:  Las Vegas


Number of days: 14 Days

HOURS PER DAY: 7h (average)

AIRPORTS: Las Vegas Intl Airport

LODGING: Hotels, motels and camping.

ATTRACTIONS: Deserts Endless mountain range

Saloons, Ghost towns.

** Minimum 4 bikes. Vouchers and/or credits not applicable.

** 50% commitment deposit required.