" A good rider can overcome marginal equipment. However even the best equipment can't overcome a marginal rider "


Freedom 2

Our Level 2 program "Freedom" is a continuation / follow-up to our Adventure 1 program.  Our 2 day program is based on total control of your environment and an intermediate level Adventure program. This next step utilizes those skills learned in the " Adventure 1" in a real world environment, building further confidence and increasing your speed in more challenging terrain i.e:  jeep trail and backcountry.


We focus on:


- Quick obstacle maneuvering 

- Rapid braking & shifting

- Clutch control in rough terrain

- Changing direction

- Braking skids and turns

- Body and machine balance

- Obstacle crossing

- And much more...

** Students must attend level 1 Intro prior as "Freedom" is the next step to your progression.


699$ + gst