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OCTOBER 30-11TH  2023

Baja, mexico

One of our most popular tours at OAA. Ride your own bike in Baja!!

This is an epic Adventure group ride down the Baja peninsula.  For 2 weeks you will enjoy the most stunning views the Baja has to offer and meet the friendliest people along the way. On this tour you will explore Baja and the rustic, local way of living . . . on your own bike.

This Adventure ride is a flex schedule, in other words we know our destination but explore route options. We plan each day around the weather (coast or inland). This is a tour for adventure riders looking for an experience in Mexico that is NOT your typical all-inclusive stay at a 5 star hotel. THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE!!

This is an approx. 4000 km (2500 miles) adventure motorcycle trip leaving Las Vegas, NV riding to the Baja, Mexico and returning to Las Vegas. We will be riding paved and gravel roads and staying in hotels in cities, towns, camping on beaches and deserts. These will be Mexican roads, so you should be comfortable riding on gravel roads, dirt and sand and carrying your own camping gear. This is an EXPLORATION adventure. We will explore some new trails that are intermediate+ skill level.

In a nutshell, this is a bike adventure vacation that allows you to explore Mexico off the beaten path, enjoying local food and experiencing their way of living.

The Baja peninsula is made up of two states, Baja Norte and Baja Sur. This is Mexico's last frontier, a piece of land, not densely populated, rough, rugged, with people who want to live in a more rustic style - from the fishermen on the Mar de Cortez to the ranchers of La Purisma. 

Baja is to the Mexican rider, what the NWT is to the Canadian rider, and Alaska is to American riders. It has some of the finest motorcycling roads on the continent.

All you need to do is fly in to Las Vegas and ride... YOUR OWN BIKE! We highly recommend riders to take part in our skills training program prior to our tours.



Octobre 30 - 11  2023

Departures from :
 Calgary *2,799$ usd Tax & fees incl.
Toronto *3,199$ usd Tax & fees incl.




  • Free riding techniques throughout the trip.

  • Experienced guide, First Aid Cert.

  • YOUR bike Shipped from Calgary or Toronto to Las Vegas, NV and back. 

  • Completed paperwork / brokerage for both USA & Canada.

  • Tour souvenir

  Not included: 


  •  Flight

  •  Travel insurance (required)

  •  Medical insurance (required)

  •  Medjet Assist (recommended)

  •  Gas , meals, personal expenses

  •  Lodging

** All Rides consists of approx. 50% gravel 50% Pavement

* Minimum 6 transport and max of 10 per group.

Vouchers and/or credits not applicable.

*** Gas,Meals & lodging not included. 

" A good rider can overcome marginal equipment. However even the best equipment can't overcome a marginal rider "

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