Adventure 1 


( 2 day ride / 1 camping night ) 

As requested, we offer an optional follow-up ride to our weekend training program. The Exploration ride will consist of a 2-day ride starting the next day with overnight camping and back to Base camp Toad Rock.


299$ + gst

This program is for "new to dirt" and also experienced riders that will benefit from learning the fundamentals and losing those bad habits riding off-road. Maybe you are not interested in riding off-road,  however the odds are that you will encounter construction gravel or dirt roads.

This course will pay for itself by teaching you how to "keep the rubber facing down" by working on those skills and building confidence to enjoy exploring dirt and gravel roads in a fun and safe way. 


A 2-day program for all levels and experiences. Our student coach ratio is approximately 1 coach for every 7 riders. Here is a small sample of the skills you will learn and develop:


-  Confidence Building               

-  Riding Body position

-  Clutch Control                         

-  Throttle Control 

-  Handling

-  Balance of Body / Machine 

-  Front / Rear / Emergency Braking

-  Hill Climb - Downhill

-  and much much more....

699$ + gst


( Former students only. )

 1 day event


May 3rd Rocky Mountain House, AB

OAA Riders, 

Want to stay sharp for the coming season? Come and join us for a one day refresher course. We will go over past instruction and reignite that muscle memory that has been hibernating during the winter months. Or you've taken the course a couple years ago and need to jumpstart that brain.

365$ + gst

*Moto shipping available from our depots

Toronto - Calgary - Vancouver

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