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OAA Off-Road Adventure Academy


OAA motorcycle Instructor Coach


Owner/Head instructor

Originally from Montreal, Thierry owner/director of OAA is passionate about sports especially off-road motorcycling. 

Globetrotter, snowboarder and has played and coached Hockey in Europe and the US for many years. 

Rider of some of the most beautiful and challenging backcountry trails in North America and Europe where he has lived for many years.

He has acquired his knowledge and experience packing thousands of miles off the beaten path, attending some of the most reputable ADV training camps, private courses with Dakar finishers and foremost studying the science of the sport.

In 2014 he built a program that reflects riders aspirations in becoming better and more confident, resulting in being safer on and off-road.

With his many years experience as a hockey player and coaching in the US and Europe, his programs are built with sport psychology in mind. Getting riders to absorb knowledge is the focus and the success of OAA's curriculum is there to prove it. The goal is to bring riders to assimilate knowledge not just by demonstrating how but also the steps to get there. He quickly realized that there was something missing in the delivery and assimilation of knowledge in the industry. So without reinventing the wheel he put together a curriculum with that mindset. OAA's program really hit home with riders. Hundreds and now thousands of students later, reviews speak for themselves.  Adventure is his way of life, sharing his passion is his mission.

None of this would be possible without the great support and dedication of the OAA crew. 

OAA motorcycle Instructor Coach

Les Warner


OAA motorcycle Instructor Coach
OAA motorcycle Instructor Coach

Nelson Moreau


Byron Mickelson


" A good rider can overcome marginal equipment. However even the best equipment can't overcome a marginal rider "

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