Our Team

We are located in Calgary, AB in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We also have our Kootneys, BC location at the Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground in Balfour ( just outside Nelson).) Only 5% of the roads are paved, we will teach you how to explore the other 95% safely and with confidence. You will discover the true definition of FREEDOM!
Thierry Schandelmeyer
Owner / Director

Originally from Montreal Thierry is a passionate ADV Rider, owner Director of OAA. Globetrotter, snowboarder . Riding on some of the most beautiful and challenging back country trails in North America and Europe where he has lived for many years. He has acquired his knowledge and experience packing thousands of miles off the beaten paths, attending some of the most reputable ADV training camps, Private courses with Dakar finishers and foremost studying the science of the sport. He has built a program that reflects riders aspiration in becoming all around safer and better riders.  In 2014  he was approached by a tv production company  to ride and document  the journey from Montreal to Ushuaia (South America) in 2015-16. ADVenture riding is his way of life, sharing his passion is his mission.

Brenda Rost

Brenda loves the sense of freedom when riding a motorcycle.   After many miles on pavement, her whole world changed the day she hopped on an adventure bike.   She was immediately hooked but was nervous on the uneven terrain.   So she enrolled in an off-road course in her late 40’s (hey it’s NEVER too late to learn) & gained the confidence to go & do it.  Since then she has ridden endless breathtaking  miles with her husband throughout North, Central & South America on some of the most scenic & spectacular roads.    She has a huge genuine passion for adventure riding, continues to hone her skills & is enthusiastic she’s now helping others to do the same.

Chipp Robb

Chipp grew up in the wilderness of Northern Ontario riding, driving or paddling every kind of recreational vehicle he could get his hands on. Since then then he has had a nearly 30 year career in the entertainment industry. As result his bike is a one of a kind mobile art studio and production office capable of making movies and recording music anywhere anytime. Chipp is a considerate and safety conscientious rider with a lot of experience traveling the world.

Ed Hildebrandt
Photography / Video

Ed is an Electronics Engineering Technologist by trade, a Photographer by passion, and a Rider by desire.   Photography has always provided an artistic balance to a very technical world; riding a dual sport provides access to the road less traveled and a window to this amazing world.  Photography and riding are both pursuits that started early in life and remain “minor” obsessions.  Together with his wife Sheila, he would like nothing more than to explore the corners of the world taking pictures along the way.  There is solace in the fact that there will always be one road and one more spot waiting to be photographed.

Bryan Bayley

Bryan has spent most of his life in Calgary.  He has been riding the gravel roads of Alberta, BC, NWT and many States between Canada and Mexico for 9 years. When not exploring his “back yard” on his motorbike he’s usually playing music, in the garden with his partner or at the shop. In the off-season he may well be driving and exploring back roads in a car (which he thinks is a truck and treats as such).  Bryan guides back-road tours and has designed and scouted the gravel road rally routes for the Anderwerks Oktoberfest since 2011.

​" Our mission is to make you a safer, better rider and build your confidence so you can tackle any terrain that nature will throw at you. We garranty this is the best motorcycle investment you will ever make." 

 - OAA