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JULY 29 - AUG 10 2024


What is the Great Divide?


The Continental Divide, or the Great Divide, is a defining geographical feature in North America, primarily following the crest of the Rocky Mountains. Stretching from Alaska to South America, it serves as a watershed boundary, determining the direction in which rivers flow and whether their waters eventually reach the Pacific, Atlantic, or Arctic Oceans.

Beginning in Alaska's Brooks Range, the divide moves southeast, passing through the U.S. states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Its elevation and characteristics vary, impacting the flow of rivers. To the west, rivers like the Columbia and Colorado flow towards the Pacific, while those to the east, such as the Mississippi and Missouri, flow towards the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico.

Apart from its hydrological significance, the Continental Divide has historical and cultural importance. Native Americans recognized it as a natural boundary, and it guided the movements of early explorers and settlers. Today, it attracts outdoor enthusiasts seeking to traverse its rugged path, showcasing the interconnectedness of geography and its enduring impact on the continent's natural dynamics. As a natural boundary, the Continental Divide stands as a symbol of North America's diverse landscapes and historical significance.

This Northbound ride of a lifetime starts in Phoenix AZ all the way up to Helena,MT with a small insert of Colorado BDR.(Backcountry Discovery Route). This 10 day Adventure will be self supported.. Averaging 3-500 km /day with an experienced guide, First Aid certified. Accommodations will consist of motels. THIS IS AN ADVENTURE RIDE. We deal with issues as a group and help each other along the way.

You will fly in to Phoenix AZ and ride up the Divide, New Mexico, Colorado, cross the Yellowstone National Park, through the majestic plateaus of Wyoming, up to Montana. Epic!.

** We highly recommend riders to take part in our skills training program prior to our tours.



Your adventure starts in Arizona. We ask our riders to arrive mid afternoon in Phoenix so you can pick up your motorcycle and get

loaded up ready to ride.

Check into your room. Welcome dinner around 6. ( Details will follow).

DAY 2  Phoenix,AZ to Grants,NM   370 MILES  

DAY 3  Grants,NM  to Cuba,NM  120 MILES  

DAY 4  Cuba,NM to Chama,NM  230 MILES  

DAY 5  Chama,NM to Buena Vista,CO 260 MILES  

DAY 6  Buena Vista,CO to Steamboat,CO  335 MILES  


DAY 8  Steamboat,CO Tto Pinedale,WY 340 MILES  

DAY 9  Pinedale,WY to Rexburg,ID  230 MILES  

DAY 10 Rexburg,ID to Helena,MT 350 MILES  



It's with full hearts and big smiles that we have to say goodbye. Every great story must come to an end. Riders can now ride home and share their amazing journey with family and friends. Until next time....

3,699$ usd

Dbl occup. / tx included 

Single occ.  add 550$ usd

OAA payment option


  • Free riding techniques throughout the trip.

  • Lodging

  •  2 guides

  • Tour souvenir

not included:

  • Gas

  • Meals

  •  insurance

  • US State Park pass 

  •  Personal expenses

" A good rider can overcome marginal equipment. However even the best equipment can't overcome a marginal rider "

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