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OAA Off-Road Adventure Academy


" EXCELLENT course! Took Level 1 September 2018 @ McClean Creek, AB. First impressions arriving on site: Thierry, Sheila, Ed, Brenda, are experienced + organized. They pepper you with Off Pavement info, building your skill level at incredible speed all while leaving you with a SOLID foundation of muscle memory by the end of Day 2. -I was confident enough to venture into mountain logging roads right after the course! You are VERY well taken care of throughout the weekend. I was challenged to exceed my limits, pushing myself to learn new techniques but always feeling supported! They take care of you as if you were family and make you a better rider, guaranteed!"


David P., Regina
BMW 1200 GS





I have to admit that at first I was surprised at the feeling of a slow start, but Thierry had a method to his madness and even though many riders had years of "street" experience, it was clear we all needed the slow progression method to safely handle the off pavement riding. The course is an excellent step by step progression from simple maneuvers to increasingly difficult (if you do them right) maneuvers. Very inspiring and confidence building which was exactly what I was hoping for - giving me the basics to now go out and practice on my own as much as I can. I would recommend this course to new or experienced riders - you won't regret it!

Sean. S. / North Vancouver, Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin




" I've been road biking for +30 years and decided this spring to go to the "dirt side". The OAA course came highly recommended by some friends of mine and they were dead on. Thierry and his team are exceptional instructors, motivators and hosts. The course is well planned and I like the fact that they focus on the essential key skills versus doing the brain dump. The exercises hammer home the skills and their theory of muscle memory really works. By the end of two days I have a totally different perspective...and far better confidence and capability to successfully navigate the dirt, gravel and rocks. Highly recommend! "


Scott. C. / Calgary, KLR



" I'm back from my weekend of off road training and what can I say, it was absolutely amazing! What did I do you ask? Well, I dropped my bike a few times, lost what must be 15 lbs in sweat, rode standing on my pegs till my legs ached and worked my clutch and brake till my hands were ready to revolt. Why would I do this? Because I now know how to handle my bike better than I have ever imaged I could. More than once on this weekend I found myself saying "Did I really just do that?" Many Thanks to Thierry Schandelmeyer, Chipp Robb and Brenda for making me a better, safer rider! To anyone out there who rides a dual sport motorcycle or wants too, you need to check out this course! OAA Offroad ADVenture Academy inc."


Ed  H. / Calgary GS1200


"... Thanks for the a great weekend of skills training, I found it helpful from the first lesson on balance and clutch control to the steep decent front braking on Sunday afternoon. The instruction was detailed but easy to follow with time to apply in real riding situations. Thanks also to Brenda & Chipp for the guidance and support."


Phil H. / Calgary BMW GS 1100



" .. I had a great time! I am amazed at what I was comfortable doing on the bike by the end of the weekend! "


Marc H.  / Regina  F800 GS



Thank you Thierry, Pat, Brenda and Sheila for, once again, a course that well exceeded my expectations! Originally I had taken the OAA Level One course in Balfour in September 2016 but decided that since it was so invaluable, I would repeat it this past June, 2017 and combine it with a 4100 km road trip. This course is an absolute must have for any rider. Thierry and his crew patiently take you back to the basics, correct bad habits and then teach you the correct techniques to properly handle the bike. If you are concerned that your skills are not up to this course, don't worry. You will be absolutely amazed at what you can achieve.​

Erika H. / Campbell River , BC  Suzuki V-Strom

"..Outstanding weekend learning to handle a bike off road. Building on basic skills, the course massively increased my ability and my confidence. Decades of road riding helped but this course fills all the gaps - amazing. Great program and great instructors."

Mike B. / Edmonton,AB  KLR 650



( In Shop Clinic )

" Fantastic clinic Thierry, Dave and Brian. Loved every minute of it.  It was evident there is just so much material and insight to this up and coming sport/hobby. The handouts were great and kept us focused on the topic at hand; the evening was just not long enough ;). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and having the chance to listen to the "experts" explain things and introduce me properly to adventure riding. 

I learned a ton and can't wait to getting into one of the classes this summer.  Next year, I hope to be in shape and confident enough to go on a BDR.   Take care and thanks again, "


Jon L. / Calgary,AB  BMW F650GS

" Super duper awesome !!! Best moto investment I've made hands down!
Highly highly recommend it! "

Marie-Cat  B. Silverstar,BC / BMW F650 GS




I enjoyed the clinic very much. There was lots discussed and you guys have great stories to back up your statements................I think I got what I wanted, information on the sport, and you saved me a bunch of money. I was ready to by a set of Heidneaus for my 1200 GS, but I will be looking at the continentals instead. ThanksI Will likely be taking part in your level 1, later this year. Good luck.... ""






" Awesome instructors, I've been riding over 20 years (streets) and this course was by far the best way to make me even more comfortable on a bike! If you buy an ADV motorcycle, get good gear and take this course - no exceptions. "


Brian D.  / Regina KLR 650




"... Thanks for the a great weekend of skills training, I found it helpful from the first lesson on balance and clutch control to the steep decent front braking on Sunday afternoon. The instruction was detailed but easy to follow with time to apply in real riding situations. Thanks also to Brenda & Chipp for the guidance and support."


Phil H. / Calgary BMW GS 1100


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the encouragement you gave me to attend the group training, and the positive learning environment that you cultivate in yourself and the people who work with you.  The cheers from the team each time we nailed a skill really did make a difference.

It is quite the thing to see what we are willing to try just because we are in the presence of other people who show us it is possible.

It was a great learning weekend.
Hope to see you at a future course.


Best Regards,

Nancy W. Calgary BMW GS 1200


" Absolutely amazing weekend. If I had seen the trail that we rode up yesterday, before the course, I would've chickened out of taking the course. Now I have more confidence than I could've imagined last week."

Glen W. / Sherwood Park,AB  KLR 650




Thierry & Team,

I started motorcycling late in life (over 40) and have been riding for three seasons.  After selling my first bike, I finally bought a dual sport bike and needed to learn how to ride it better and with more confidence (especially in turning).   The OAA course focused on the basics and I was significantly challenged along with everyone in the course.  Having Brenda (who has been there!) helping and encouraging me during the course made a huge difference every time I lost balance and dumped my bike.  By pushing to the limits and repeating again and again, my turning skill finally clicked and this was the main reason I was at the course.  However, I learned more skills than I ever expected and it definitely has made me a better rider for those forestry roads.  With the awesome instructors and beautiful venue, I hope to take the course again next year to refresh and further refine my off-road skills.


Michelle D. Priddis,AB  Honda NC750

" If you are looking for a balance in your life on two wheels this is the course that will achieve this. Great time at Toad Rock , great people that participated , excellent instructors. Definitely a highly recommendable course.

Thanks Terry, Brenda and Chipp "

Mike M. Red Deer,AB /  BMW 1200 GS


"What a treat to spend a 2-day off-road motorcycle course in McClean Creek by professionals. You think you know how to ride a bike until you take a course like this, where you re-learn the basics of riding such as how to make turns either sitting down or standing up on the bike at low speed that ultimately is used at higher speeds, brake with the front wheel only while keeping the gas on which guides you through downslopes, and mostly build your confidence with very helpful tricks. Great weekend with great lunch meals and camaraderie with the other riders. Thanks Thierry for your stellar teachings, Sheila & Ed."

Serge O. Canmore, AB  / BMW 1200GSA

OAA motorcycle Instructor Coach
OAA motorcycle Instruction Coaching
OAA motorcycle Instruction Coaching
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OAA motorcycle Instruction Coaching
OAA motorcycle Instruction Coaching
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OAA Adventure Tours
OAA motorcycle Instruction Coaching

" A good rider can overcome marginal equipment. However even the best equipment can't overcome a marginal rider "

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