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Fellow Riders,


We are looking forward to meeting you and having fun teaching and learning. We wanted to give you an idea of how the weekend will go.

A reminder on accommodations for those from out of town, if your plan is hotel or camping please make sure to reserve a spot in the area.


Our Training class will START at 9:00 am sharp, please show up a minimum of 45 mins to 1hr before so we can take care of administrative formalities and we can all relax before class. Riders are responsible for their own lunch and snacks but we provide water to refill personal containers, and our days end around 4pm. 






More than likely you will tip your bike over. We suggest that you take off any potential items in the way if your bike goes down. Panniers, wind screen, turn signal (zip tie turn signals we can help, arrive early ) It is cheaper to reinstall than buying new parts…….. it all depends on model or brand of bike, some are more vulnerable than others, we leave it to your discretion. The lighter the bike the better. Make sure your bike is mechanically sound, the brakes, clutch, foot brake and gear lever works properly. Out of respect to other riders, we do not do mechanical work. Bring your personal on trail tools to adjust your handle bars, levers and such. It is part of our program to set proper riding position. We want you to use your trail tools so in the event of a future trail fix you are familiar with your set. 








Xplor ride (post training): SEE CALENDAR FOR OFFERED DATES. You get to apply your skills.  It is fun and camping is amazing. Please register here... 


Some of you are attending our Xplor ride on the Monday-Tuesday following the weekend of training. Make sure you bring all your camping gear if you are not already camping over the weekend. Bring a camelback to carry your own water on the trail for the day and snacks. We will discuss about the Xplor ride on Sunday evening after training.

For those that might consider joining the Xplor ride last minute, you are welcome to do so. For organizational purposes please advise as soon as possible so we can make adjustments. If you decide to attend last minute and we will need to know Sunday after class, we do NOT take credit cards on site. It is 299$ cash.  (To be fair to other riders the fee must be paid before departure ,NO exceptions )










Dress accordingly for weather i.e. rain gear, we never know. ALL riders are required to wear at all times full riding jacket, riding pants, boots, gloves and helmet. Street riding boots are not recommended and hiking boots prohibited. If you have dirt bike gear protection, it works.



IMPORTANT Medical needs:

At registration you will be required to provide 2 emergency contacts, phone numbers. Please provide us any medical conditions in advance BY EMAIL and advise us if you take medication (specify please) in case of an emergency. (Information will stay confidential)


**You will be asked to fill out a waiver to attend the program. 



Feel free to contact us at    if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward meeting you and for a great weekend of training.

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